10 Japanese Sushi Cookbooks: The Ultimate Recipe Collection

Sushi is a delicious food from Japan. It has become very popular around the world due to its unique taste and variety of ingredients.

If you want to master the art of cooking delicious sushi at home, then you need to start reading some good sushi cookbooks. These books contain recipes for various types of sushi and other dishes. Some even include step-by-step instructions.

Japanese Sushi Cookbooks

If you want to try out some sushi recipes, then check out these ten Japanese sushi cookbooks.

Sushi Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Step-By-Step Recipes to Make Sushi at Home

Sushi Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Step-By-Step Recipes to Make Sushi at Home

Colors, textures, sauces, and endless plating options make sushi a true culinary art. A creative sushi chef who was once in your shoes stands behind every dish you enjoy. In this Japanese sushi cookbook and guide for beginner sushi chefs, you’ll learn 100 simple recipes that can transform your kitchen into a sushi workshop.

Discover the many paths sushi has taken outside of Japan, from conventional dishes like the Tuna Roll to more adventurous options like the Spicy Fried Mozzarella Roll. Find out how to choose and prepare the best ingredients, and find out what kitchen essentials you’ll need, such as a sushi-rolling mat and a rice paddle.

With the help of the Sushi Cookbook for Beginners, you can easily recreate the delicious flavors of sushi in the comfort of your own home.

The Complete Guide to Sushi and Sashimi: Includes 625 step-by-step photographs

The Complete Guide to Sushi and Sashimi: Includes 625 step-by-step photographs

Two of North America’s top experts on sushi and knives give detailed explanations and easy-to-follow recipes.

If you have the right equipment, some good instructions, and some time to practice, you can make sushi with ease. With just a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to make delicious sushi.

Everything from ingredients to knives to equipment to butchering fish to plating to making the perfect rice is covered in this book.

This sushi book is sure to become the standard reference for sushi and sashimi lovers of all skill levels. It has full-color pages all the way through, a lot of recipes, an easy-to-use hidden wiro-bound hardcover, 500 photos, and hundreds of tips and tricks.

Discover the value of knives and the distinctions between Japanese and Western alternatives. Robby Cook tells us everything we need to know about Hirame, Tako, and Red Snapper (Tai).

Sushi, maki, sashimi, nigiri, and oshizushi are only a few examples. from California and Dragon Rolls meals using clams and sea urchins.

Sushi Cookbook For Beginners: A Simple Guide To Making Sushi At Home With Over 70 Delicious Sushi Recipes

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If you want to learn how to make sushi, the book “Sushi Cookbook for Beginners” is for you. 

Fans of this Asian cuisine are increasingly taking cooking classes at home. Making sushi at home does not necessitate a sushi chef. The recipes and helpful hints in this Japanese sushi cookbook are ideal for new cooks. 

The following skills will be mastered: -Different ways to prepare sushi Equipment and ingredients are essential for making sushi. How to filet fish, make sushi, shape dough into balls, etc. It has 70 of the best sushi recipes. Just cook some rice, get some nori, cut some fish and vegetables into small pieces, and roll. It’s natural to make some mistakes when you’re just starting out. Uneven rolls with loose rice and a lack of filling. 

You can learn to create authentic sushi at home with the help of this Japanese sushi cookbook and some practice.

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Sushi at Home: A Mat-To-Table Sushi Cookbook

Sushi at Home: A Mat-to-Table Sushi Cookbook

Is sushi on your list of favorite foods? You can make it at home. This beautiful guide and cookbook make it simple to master sushi cooking for anybody with an interest.

Sushi is a common family meal in Japan, prepared by home cooks. The steps involved in creating sushi at home are detailed in Sushi at Home. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions for making 80 of the most classic, well-loved, and original sushi dishes around.

Make sushi with confidence with only a sharp knife, a rice paddle, and a bamboo rolling mat.

Sushi Modoki: The Japanese Art and Craft of Vegan Sushi

Sushi Modoki: The Japanese Art and Craft of Vegan Sushi

The Japanese word for “mimic” is “modoki.” Sushi Modoki features authentic-looking and tasting vegan sushi.

Sushi has become a global symbol of Japan’s culinary prowess. There are only so many cucumber rolls that a vegan or vegetarian can eat. Traditional sushi rolls and appetizers from Sushi Modoki are reimagined with vegan ingredients. 

You’ll learn how to prepare five unique types of sushi by using only whole, natural ingredients with these easy-to-follow instructions. A variety of salads, soups, sauces, pickled vegetables, and beverages, both hot and cold. 

Vegans and sushi lovers alike will enjoy the Sushi Modoki.

Sushi Made Simple: From classic wraps and rolls to modern bowls and burgers

Sushi Made Simple: From classic wraps and rolls to modern bowls and burgers

Atsuko, a sushi instructor based in London, mixes traditional training with cutting-edge techniques and fresh ideas to bring you 60 recipes for all kinds of sushi rolls, wraps, molds, and deconstructions.

Raw, pickled, smoked, grilled, or seared items are served atop vinegared rice in sushi. Color, taste, and texture are all taken into consideration while selecting components for sushi, which is covered in this book. 

Sushi rice can be made with a variety of ingredients; while white rice is traditional, additional options include brown rice, quinoa, and pink beet rice. This Japanese sushi cookbook has everything from rolls to wraps to sushi burgers to bombs and salad bowls. 

Simple, step-by-step instructions for common cooking procedures are presented in the book.

Sushi Master: An expert guide to sourcing, making and enjoying sushi at home

Sushi Master: An expert guide to sourcing, making and enjoying sushi at home

In Sushi Master, you’ll learn to make sushi at home using only environmentally-friendly raw ingredients.

In the world of osakana, only Nick Sakagami (who is not Japanese) stands out. In this book, he talks about everything he knows about sushi, from where to find good fish to how to evaluate it before making it into sushi, soup, or other dishes.

Knives and cutting boards are the first order of business for Sakagami, who imports fish and provides consulting services. Any good seafood buying guide will cover everything from where to find the best deals to how to determine whether or not the fish you’re eyeing is actually of high quality.

The entire process of cooking fish is depicted in visual form. quickly and easily. Nigiri (tuna, unagi, and vegetables), maki (spicy tuna roll, spider roll, and dragon roll), sashimi, seared albacore tuna salad, sushi, smoked salmon, Japanese pickles, red miso soup with eggplant, and other dishes are all quick and simple to prepare.

If you want to learn how to make sushi like a pro, look no further than Sushi Master.

The Complete Book of Sushi

The Complete Book of Sushi

Sushi is a perfect example of the adage “you eat with your eyes”, which is popular in Japan. Sushi is a cultural art form in Japan, and for good reason: it’s both nutritious and tasty. 

Sushi is one of the healthiest foods you can consume, and not just because of its freshness and deliciousness; it also has a low glycemic index and a high content of important vitamins and minerals. 

Sushi is not only aesthetically beautiful but also surprisingly easy to prepare. This sushi cookbook will teach you how to create both classic sushi (rolled by hand) and contemporary sushi (served in a bowl) with simplicity. 

It explains the equipment needed to make sushi, how to prepare the rice to perfection, how to slice the vegetables and other garnishes, and how to pick out the freshest fish and other components. 

Lovers of Japanese food will find something for them in The Complete Book of Sushi, which includes both classic and modern takes on the cuisine.

With its clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful color pictures, The Complete Book of Sushi is a great addition to your cookbook collection.

Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook for Beginners: 50 Step-by-Step Recipes for Plant-Based Rolls

Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook for Beginners: 50 Step-by-Step Recipes for Plant-Based Rolls

It’s not necessary to be a professional sushi chef to make delicious rolls at home. This Japanese sushi cookbook shows you how to make sushi at home from start to finish, from making the rice to making the fillings and toppings. 

Whether you’ve never made sushi before or are a seasoned master, you’ll discover how simple it is to make sushi rice, how to prepare popular components, and how to arrange all of them into beautiful and appetizing rolls.

Use this Japanese vegetarian and vegan cookbook to take your sushi making to the next level.

The Vegetable Sushi Cookbook

The Vegetable Sushi Cookbook

The Vegetable Sushi Cookbook was written by well-known Japanese blogger Izumi Shoji to share her knowledge of transforming vegetables into tasty and nutritious sushi. All of these healthy options can be made by anyone with basic cooking skills and no extra tools. When an ingredient is unavailable, Shoji will recommend a suitable substitute.

Nigiri-zushi, maki-zushi, and chirashi-zushi are discussed in detail (scattered sushi). Oshi-zushi, made in the Osaka style, is also included. Shoji gives detailed instructions and photos on how to cook vegetables for sushi in a variety of ways, such as by grilling, frying, steaming, stewing, or pickling. There’s a beautiful, colorful photo of each dish.

The author’s friendly tone and no-nonsense approach to food preparation will resonate with readers. The sushi recipes in the Vegetable Sushi Cookbook are a smart choice for anyone looking to eat more healthfully without sacrificing flavor.

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