10 Authentic Easy Italian Cookbooks: The Ultimate Collection of Easy Recipes

Italian food has always been my favorite cuisine. I love it for its simplicity, fresh ingredients, and unique flavors. If you want to try some authentic Italian recipes at home, then these cookbooks are perfect for you.

Italy is known for its rich culinary tradition. From simple dishes such as pasta and pizza to complex ones like risotto, gnocchi, and lasagna, Italians have mastered the art of cooking. Recipes from all over Italy are in these books, including classics, regional specialties, and seasonal favorites.

Easy Italian Cookbooks

There are plenty of great Italian cookbooks out there, but these 10 books are particularly good because they focus on authentic, easy recipes. 

Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes

Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes

The recipes in Everyday Italian are as fresh and uncomplicated as the title suggests, making them ideal for quick weeknight meals. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple sauced pasta or a hearty family-friendly roast, these wonderful recipes cover every possibility, and the book is focused on the real-world considerations of what you really have in your refrigerator and pantry (no mail-order items here). 

You’ll find meals that require no more than what you already have in your cupboard, meals that use up last night’s leftovers (including some truly inspired uses for spaghetti), and desserts that will satisfy your craving for something sweet to bake in the oven. There are seven methods to spice up red sauce, six takes on the classic cutlet, five foolproof pestos, four novel ways to use prosciutto, three takes on basic polenta, two excellent steaks, and one spectacular chocolate tiramisu, among the one hundred recipes included.

The recipes in Everyday Italian are also sorted by what kind of meal they are for, like a hearty stew for a Sunday dinner, a quick sauté for a weeknight meal, or baked spaghetti for a potluck. 

With options like pantry-fresh appetizers, sauceless pastas, daily roasts, and filled vegetables, these sections will help you decide what to prepare in an instant. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find a straightforward and tasty recipe for it here. That’s the charm of Italian home cooking, and it’s exactly what Giada De Laurentiis provides in this book: the fundamental recipes for preparing a delicious Italian meal.

Laura in the Kitchen: Favorite Italian-American Recipes Made Easy: A Cookbook

Laura in the Kitchen: Favorite Italian-American Recipes Made Easy: A Cookbook

In this cookbook, Laura concentrates on simple dishes that anybody can make—whether they have just a little time to spend in the kitchen or want to prepare an outstanding feast. There are 110 brand-new recipes included in this book, including 10 crowd-pleasers like Cheesy Garlic Bread and No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake, as well as quick meals like Tortellini with Pink Parmesan Sauce and One-Pan Chicken with Potatoes, Wine, and Olives.

Laura makes sure her recipes always turn out great by testing them thousands of times to get them just right. Anyone wishing to feel more at ease in the kitchen and discover the joy of cooking will find everything they need in Laura in the Kitchen, including straightforward directions and more than 100 color photographs.

The Easy Italian Cookbook: 100 Quick and Authentic Recipes

The Easy Italian Cookbook: 100 Quick and Authentic Recipes

When it comes to Italian cuisine, it’s all about the simple, high-quality ingredients: fragrant basil, melty mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes, and flavorful garlic. You can find all the ingredients for the 100 delicious dishes in The Easy Italian Cookbook at your local grocery store.

This best-of-the-best Italian cookbook includes simple and quick recipes for everything from appetizers to pastas, pizzas, meats, and desserts. Here you will find a wide variety of family-friendly recipes that are perfect for weeknights, including vegetarian and vegan options, dishes that only require one pot, and gluten-free options.

The Easy Italian Cookbook will replace all of your other cookbooks as your go-to resource for quick and simple Italian dishes.

101 Quick & Easy Italian Recipes

101 Quick & Easy Italian Recipes

We all agree that Italian cuisine is among the best. The tastes and smells it makes you think of can take you back to warm vacations and dinners outside with a bottle of wine.

In 101 Quick & Easy Italian Recipes, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for making authentic Italian delicacies like:

Soup with Italian Sausage, Baked Lasagna, Pizza, Calzone, Chicken Stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Stuffed Manicotti, Fettuccine with Salmon, and Risotto Milanese.

A wonderful and comprehensive collection of Italian dishes that may be used any night of the week. It’s the ideal cookbook for when you want to make something unusual, as it has dozens of appetizers, sides, breads, sauces, and much more.

30-Minute Italian Cookbook: Classic Recipes Made Fast and Easy

30-Minute Italian Cookbook: Classic Recipes Made Fast and Easy

It’s not necessary to spend hours chopping, stirring, and hovering over a hot stove in order to make delicious traditional Italian dishes at home. The 30-Minute Italian Cookbook makes making traditional Italian food easier by focusing on quick steps and ingredients that are easy to find.

Take a trip through Italy’s regional cuisines with experienced guide Francesca Montillo, from Milan to Catania and everything in between. She’ll show you how to make a whole Italian supper in under 30 minutes, so you can have it for dinner any night of the week.

Use this easy-to-follow cookbook whenever you want a taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners: Over 100 Classic Recipes with Everyday Ingredients

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners: Over 100 Classic Recipes with Everyday Ingredients

The best home cooking is Italian food since it is so comforting. Italian food is a celebration of the love of food and family. It is full of strong, hearty flavors, alluring smells, and bright colors. If you have The Italian Cookbook for Beginners, you won’t have to go far and wide to taste the real flavors of Italy. 

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners will teach you how to prepare over 100 traditional recipes using inexpensive, readily available items from your neighborhood grocery store. The Italian Cookbook for Beginners has easy, tasty Italian recipes that bring the warm tastes of Italy into your home. 

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners has 105 real recipes from the book that use cheap, easy-to-find ingredients to help you make traditional Italian food quickly. Your favorite recipes from the Simple Italian Cookbook, including homemade pizza, eggplant parmigiana, and Italian-style pork chops. Four simple sauces that add flavor to any dish The editors of The Italian Cookbook give tips on how to buy fresh fish and which sauces go well with which pasta dishes. A guide for utilizing The Italian Cookbook to arrange a full Italian supper. 

The Italian Cookbook for Beginners is all you need to make delicious Italian cuisine; you don’t need complicated methods, difficult-to-find ingredients, or specialist equipment.

The Silver Spoon Quick and Easy Italian Recipes

This is the newest book in Phaidon’s popular Silver Spoon series, which features over 100 dishes that can all be prepared in under 30 minutes. The Silver Spoon, a best-selling cookbook on traditional Italian cuisine with over a million copies sold, was used to pick the recipes. Each dish has undergone extensive testing and is intended for home chefs of all skill levels.

Cooks of all skill levels may tackle classics like Forest Fruit Gratin with Zabaglione, Milanese Risotto, Roman Saltimbocca, and Spaghettini with Clams. Its hardback format gathers all of its famous recipes into an easy-to-use package that will become an important part of any kitchen.

The recipes in this book can be made in 30 minutes or less, and cooks of all levels can make them. It has more than a hundred recipes from the world’s most widely-appreciated cuisine. Each recipe has been tried and tested and is accompanied by a beautiful photo. 

This cookbook contains recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, making it simple and tasty to prepare meals for the family every day.

Ciao Italia Slow and Easy: Casseroles, Braises, Lasagne, and Stews from an Italian Kitchen

Ciao Italia Slow and Easy: Casseroles, Braises, Lasagne, and Stews from an Italian Kitchen

What could be more welcoming in your kitchen than a big, hot pan of lasagna, a pot of braised short ribs, or a casserole dish filled with tasty mussels, tomatoes, and herbs? Italian cuisine is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of comfort food. Mary Ann Esposito, the host of Ciao Italia, the longest-running cookery program on American television, is the best person to understand this. In Ciao Italia Slow and Easy, Mary Ann explains how to relax, calm down, and fill the kitchen with delicious Italian slow-cooked food.

In Ciao Italia Slow and Easy, Mary Ann offers sound guidance, interesting tidbits about the background of Italian cooking, and—most importantly—a strong sense of what tastes good.

The Everything Easy Italian Cookbook

The Everything Easy Italian Cookbook: Includes Oregano-Almond Pesto, Classic Chicken Parmesan, Grilled Portobello Mozzarella Polenta, Shrimp Scampi, Anisette ... Cookies...and Hundreds More! (Everything®)

Italian food, which includes dishes like tiramisu, veal scaloppini, and bruschetta, is adored worldwide. But who has the time to prepare challenging, age-old dishes every night? The Everything Easy Italian Cookbook demonstrates how to make traditional Italian foods at home without using complicated recipes, laborious preparation procedures, or ingredients that are difficult to come by.

You’ll find 300 straightforward and traditional Italian dishes that you can prepare at home, including sauces, homemade pasta, desserts, and more. This cookbook is full of easy-to-make recipes from the culinary capital of the world.

Italian Cookbook 2022 for Beginners: 300 Easy and Tasty Everyday Recipes for You and Your Family

Italian Cookbook 2022 for Beginners: 300 Easy and Tasty Everyday Recipes for You and Your Family

Many foods typical of Italian cuisine, such as pizza, spaghetti, and sandwiches, have gained in popularity around the world in recent years.

Italian dishes are highly regarded not just for their cultural significance but also for their superior health advantages when compared to those of other cuisines around the world.

Learn how to prepare all of the most beloved Italian dishes alongside your loved ones with the help of this cookbook.

It will focus on the most important parts of Italian cooking, like how tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onions, cabbage, carrots, peppers, asparagus, herbs, and potatoes are used.

This book includes not just pasta recipes but also rice recipes, as both are common in Italian cooking.

Most fresh ingredients are easy to find, and many recipes can be made in a short amount of time, which is great for people who are busy and don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

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