Top 7 Brunch Cookbooks and Recipe Books

Brunch Cookbooks

Brunch is an important part of the weekend routine, and there are many ways to enjoy it. Whether you prefer a hearty and filling breakfast or something lighter for lunch, there’s an Ace brunch cookbook for you.

Brunch at Bobby’s: 140 Recipes for the Best Part of the Weekend

Brunch at Bobby's: 140 Recipes for the Best Part of the Weekend: A Cookbook

Brunch is Bobby Flay’s favorite meal of the week, despite the fact that he’s probably best recognized for his skills behind the grill. 

In Brunch at Bobby’s, he talks about 140 dishes, starting with the delicious cocktails, both with and without alcohol, that we’ve come to expect from him. He also includes recipes for hot and iced coffees and teas, as well as other beverages. 

After that, he moves on to eggs, followed by pancakes, waffles, and French toast; then he moves on to pastries and breads, followed by salads, sandwiches, and side dishes. 

You’ll want to keep coming back to get a taste of how Bobby prepares breakfast each time you do so.

All-Time Best Brunch

All-Time Best Brunch

Brunch can be tricky to prepare at home, but with these easy recipes, you’ll have a perfect meal every time. 

Whether you’re in the mood for classic dishes like Huevos Rancheros or more inventive options like our Quick Coffee Cake, you’ll find everything you need here. 

The chapters are well organized and easy to follow, so it’s a breeze to put together your perfect brunch menu. whether it’s casual or formal, small or large.

Sunny-Side Up: More Than 100 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes from the Essential Egg to the Perfect Pastry

Sunny-Side Up: More Than 100 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes from the Essential Egg to the Perfect Pastry: A Cookbook

Sunny-Side Up is definitely one title to put on your reading list. This book has recipes that will have you drooling and dishes that will have you wondering how you ever cooked without it before. 

Waylynn Lucas, the author of Sunny-Side Up, is a gifted home cook, and her recipes reflect this. Whether you’re looking for a decadent weekend brunch spread to impress guests or a healthy make-ahead breakfast to start your day off right, there’s something for everyone in Sunny-Side Up.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about Sunny-Side Up was the variation in each recipe, whether it was eggs (several different styles of scramble and omelet), breads (bacon-cheddar biscuits, banana chocolate chip muffins, grapefruit-pistachio cakes), pastry items (brioche beignets, sticky buns), or drinks or yogurt (carrot-coconut pops). 

Not only did I love trying out some new recipes, but there were also some classics thrown in here as well, which made me want to try them all even more. 

Waylynn writes with such warmth and encouragement, and whether she’s talking about tips on making better food choices or just being herself, which is always encouraging, her book provides sound advice from someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to home cooking.

Sarabeth’s Good Morning Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch, and Baking

Sarabeth's Good Morning Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch, and Baking

Sarabeth Levine, a famous New York City baker and restaurant owner, shares the recipes for her most popular breakfast and brunch dishes. 

Sarabeth shares the comforting dishes she makes for her family and friends, like fluffy scrambled eggs and warm sticky buns, in this essential collection of more than 130 traditional breakfast recipes.

The characteristic pancakes and muffins that Sarabeth makes are easy enough to make during the week, while the quiches and coffee cakes that she makes on the weekends are sure to impress her guests.

Sarabeth’s creative takes on breakfast foods, like morning cookies, are just as impressive as her unique takes on classics.

The recipes are guaranteed to work, and they come with helpful hints about technique as well as instructions for making things in advance.

Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish: A Whole Brunch of Recipes to Make at Home

Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish: A Whole Brunch of Recipes to Make at Home

With the help of this delectable bagel cookbook, you can easily bake fresh bagels in your own kitchen using just five basic ingredients and a few straightforward baking techniques. You will become an expert bagel maker in no time at all if you follow the instructions given.

This book makes it possible for home bakers to make traditional New York bagels by providing recipes that can be followed step-by-step, even in kitchens with limited space. Not even the water is the issue here! There are just five components needed, and the preparation method is basic.

Anyone who likes to bake, host dinner parties, or eat food in general will want to throw a party centered around bagels after reading this cookbook. It is full of colorful pictures, easy-to-follow instructions, and delicious recipes, like a chapter on bagel sandwiches and a chapter on brunch spreads.

Cathy Barrow is an author of cookbooks who has won numerous awards. She has been recognized by both the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the James Beard Foundation for her work on Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry and Pie Squared.

Let’s Brunch: 100 Recipes for the Best Meal of the Week

Let's Brunch: 100 Recipes for the Best Meal of the Week

The down-home connection to food is the basis for Smith-Sullivan’s more sophisticated ingredient and spice combinations, which make her dishes some of the most delicious around.

Her cookbook is divided into chapters that focus on starters, soups, salads, egg dishes, casseroles, pastas, sandwiches, and breads, as well as jams and syrups.

With more than 85 satisfying recipes to choose from, there is bound to be one perfect for you.

Brunch Life: Comfort Classics and More for the Best Meal of the Day

Brunch Life: Comfort Classics and More for the Best Meal of the Day: A Cookbook

Leisurely weekend brunches have become an all-time favorite meal of the week, and no two people know that better than Matt Basile and Kyla Zanardi.

With their trademark humor, Matt and Kyla take us on a delicious culinary journey, showing some indulgent and creative takes on their favorite dishes. Everyone will love these recipes because they are easy to make, taste great, and are great for sharing with friends and family.

This brunch cookbook has something for everyone—more than just food. It’s also a culture.

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