Top 10 Afternoon Tea Cookbooks and Recipe Books

Top 10 Afternoon Tea Cookbooks and Recipe Books

Afternoon tea is a cherished tradition that’s been enjoyed for centuries. It’s a time to slow down, catch up with friends and family, and enjoy a delightful spread of sweet and savory treats.  

Whether you’re an afternoon tea connoisseur or just getting started with this delightful tradition, one of the best ways to elevate your tea experience is with a tea cookbook. 

In this post, we’ll be diving into the top 10 best afternoon tea cookbooks available today. These books are brimming with recipes, tips, and ideas for creating the perfect tea spread, so you can impress your guests and make every tea time an occasion to remember. 

So, whether you’re looking to brush up on your tea knowledge or just need some inspiration, grab a cup of tea and settle in, because this post is sure to delight! With these extra parts, the cookbook really feels like a full and thorough guide to afternoon tea.

The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook

The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook: Teatime Drinks, Scones, Savories & Sweets (Downton Abbey Cookery)

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook, and I have to say, it was a delightful experience from start to finish! The cookbook captures the spirit of teatime at Downton Abbey with its classic recipes for sweet and savory dishes and its attention to detail in terms of etiquette and tea service.

The recipes themselves are a delightful mix of sweet and savory treats, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. From the sweet treats like Battenberg Cake and Bakewell Tart to the savory tea sandwiches, every recipe I tried turned out perfectly. It’s a pleasure to turn the pages and take inspiration from the stunning imagery because the presentation and photography are also excellent.

Along with the recipes, the book gives a detailed account of the history of afternoon tea and how it should be done. I particularly enjoyed learning about the proper way to serve tea, as well as the lifestyle stills and character quotes that bring the characters of Downton Abbey to life. 

Overall, I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who loves the show or is just a fan of the tradition of afternoon tea. It’s a beautiful book that would make a great addition to any cookbook collection, and it’s sure to inspire many wonderful tea parties and memorable moments. 

Whether you’re an experienced tea host or just starting out, this cookbook is sure to provide you with all the knowledge and recipes you need to host a truly memorable tea time. So, gather your friends, put on your tea gowns, and get ready for a delightful afternoon of tea and treats with the Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook.

The Art of Tea: Recipes and Rituals

The Art of Tea: Recipes and Rituals (Victoria)

This book is a celebration of the cherished ritual of tea, and it’s divided into four beautiful sections that offer page after page of inspiration and ideas for making teatime an unforgettable experience.

The first part goes over the basics, like how to tell the difference between different kinds of tea, how to use the tools on the tray, and how to make the perfect pot. The recipes for classic scones and traditional accompaniments, like lemon curd and clotted cream, are a nice bonus. 

The Celebrations chapter is full of inspiration and tips for planning special tea events, like summertime gatherings and Mother’s Day celebrations.

One of the things I love about this book is its emphasis on presentation. It’s clear that the editors understand that presentation is just as important as the tea itself, and they provide plenty of brilliant ideas for creating the perfect tea affair from start to finish. The section on linens, china, silver, and floral arrangements is especially lovely, and I appreciate the attention to detail in the grace notes that make all the difference in a tableau.

Finally, the book features some of the editors’ favorite tea destinations, both in the US and abroad. It’s fun to read about these beautiful venues and add them to my own list of must-visit destinations.

In conclusion, “The Art of Tea” is a beautifully bound book and a pure pleasure to peruse. It’s the go-to guide for all facets of entertaining with tea, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves tea and entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned tea host or just starting out, this cookbook is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration and ideas for hosting unforgettable tea events.

National Trust Book of Afternoon Tea

National Trust Book of Afternoon Tea

This cookbook from the National Trust is a delightful delight for anyone who loves afternoon tea. The recipes are not only simple to make but also extremely tasty. The book is divided into different sections that cover everything from sandwiches, tarts, cakes, scones, macaroons, and preserves to the perfect way to brew a pot of tea.

What sets this cookbook apart is the addition of interesting historical recipes that show how afternoon tea was taken in the past. These recipes give a fascinating glimpse into the origins of some of our favorite dishes. The food historian, Laura Mason, has done a fantastic job of including the right amount of history and humor in the book.

Whether you’re planning a lively party, an elegant tea gathering, or a cozy winter tea by the fire, this book has it all. From the classic Victoria sponge to the more unconventional cucumber sandwiches with mint cream cheese, there is something for everyone. And for those who love to try new things, there are even a few cocktail and punch recipes included.

The book is beautifully designed and would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking, tea, and all things British.

Christmas Teatime: Celebrating the Holiday with Afternoon Tea

Christmas Teatime: Celebrating the Holiday with Afternoon Tea

If you’re someone who loves tea and the holiday season, then this cookbook is a must-have!

The holiday tea party themes in this book are beautiful, and the recipes that go with them are just as good. With over 70 recipes for scones, savories, and sweets, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when planning your holiday celebration. 

The tea pairings and steeping guide make it so easy to select and prepare the perfect pot of tea to accompany your spread. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a big party, this 136-page book is sure to impress and inspire. 

If you’re looking for a new way to make your holiday season special, I highly recommend this cookbook.

Afternoon Tea At Home

Afternoon Tea At Home: Deliciously indulgent recipes for sandwiches, savouries, scones, cakes and other fancies

This cookbook is a true delight for all tea and baking enthusiasts. 

With 80 stunning recipes and inspiration for the ultimate afternoon tea party, master patissier Will Torrent takes you through the seasons with his no-nonsense approach to patisserie, baking, chocolate work, and serving savory dishes. 

The six guest recipes from top restaurants and hotels like The Ritz, The Dorchester, and Les Manoir aux Quat’Saisons make your mouth water. 

The recipes, accompanied by beautiful illustrations, range from classic Smoked Salmon & Whipped Cream Cheese sandwiches to more adventurous offerings like Prosecco, Lime & Mint Jello and Lemon & Lime Matcha Tea Friands. 

Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting out, this cookbook is an invaluable source of inspiration for all your afternoon tea needs.

Tea at the Palace

Tea at the Palace: A Cookbook: 50 Delicious Afternoon Tea Recipes

If you’re a fan of all things royal and afternoon tea, this cookbook is definitely for you! 

As a former chef to the British royal family, Carolyn Robb knows a thing or two about creating sumptuous teatime treats fit for royalty. The cookbook is packed with 50 delectable recipes, all with a story of their own, tied to some of Britain’s most iconic palaces and castles.

From classic gingerbread sentry boxes and soldiers to miniature clotted cream and raspberry scones and a stunning lemon and elderflower cake, there’s a recipe for every type of tea party. Home cooks of all ages and skill levels can use each recipe because it is simple to follow and uses ingredients that are in season.

The cookbook has beautiful food photos and a virtual tour of 12 interesting palaces and castles, making it more than just a cookbook and more like an insider’s guide to the royal world. The recipes are presented with both US and metric measurements, so you don’t have to worry about converting anything.

Overall, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who loves afternoon tea and all things royal. Get ready to host a tea party fit for a queen with Carolyn Robb’s delicious and inspiring recipes!

London’s Afternoon Teas

London's Afternoon Teas, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition: A Guide to the Most Exquisite Tea Venues in London (IMM Lifestyle) 60 of the Best Places to Take Tea, with Recipes, Venue History, & More

London Afternoon Teas is the best book for tea lovers who want to find out more about London’s lively and sophisticated tea scene. 

With 60 exquisite places to take tea, the book showcases both iconic venues such as Claridges and the Wolseley as well as unexpected and unique options. The book is not only full of useful information, but it is also stylish and nice to look at. It has beautiful photos and interesting historical facts about each location.

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, this guidebook has something to offer for everyone. The text includes recipes from famous tea venues and highlights nearby attractions to help you plan your day out. The second edition is even better, with additional tea venues, more pages, and stunning photography.

This hardcover edition is the ideal gift for an anglophile friend or for yourself. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves the tradition and sophistication of afternoon teatime and wants to experience the best that London has to offer.

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Recipe Book

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Recipe Book: More Than 200 Classic Recipes For Every Kind Of Traditional Teatime Treat

This cookbook is an absolute treasure for anyone who loves afternoon tea! 

The book begins with a succinct history of the tea tradition and continues with a thorough guide to various tea varieties and how to make the ideal cup. The recipes are delicious and cover everything from traditional high tea to family afternoon tea, teatime celebrations, and indulgent get-togethers. 

It has 200 recipes that are perfect for all seasons and different appetites. All the classic teatime treats are included, such as Victoria sponge, Bakewell tart, chocolate cake, malt loaf, and savories like mini quiches, cheese straws, and more.

This book is a must-have for anyone who loves tea because it looks great and is full of beautiful pictures. Whether you’re planning an alfresco tea in the sun or a cozy indoor tea by the fire after a winter walk, this cookbook has got you covered with mouth-watering recipes. I also love the fact that it includes recipes for making your own crumpets, English muffins, teacakes, and preserves.

In conclusion, this cookbook is a must-have for all tea lovers, whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out. The recipes are easy to follow, and the end results are simply delicious. If you’re looking for the perfect cookbook to help you host the perfect afternoon tea, look no further!

Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea

Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea

If you’re a tea lover, Time for Tea is a must-have for your cookbook collection. 

This beautifully crafted book is a celebration of Fortnum & Mason’s passion for tea, with over 300 years of experience in selling the finest teas from around the world. From the history of tea, its geography, and its seasonality to 50 delicious recipes that feature tea, this guide has it all.

The book instructs you on how to make the perfect cup of tea, with tips on how to identify a wide range of teas to suit different tastes, whether you prefer a single estate Darjeeling, a smoky tea from China, or a regular builder’s tea. 

It also explores which teas are best to start your day, revive your spirits, or soothe you at the end of the day. The information in this book is both fun and deeply authoritative, with a focus on helping you get the most out of your cup of tea. 

The beautiful photographs throughout the book make it a visual delight, and the recipes are easy to follow, making it the perfect guide for tea lovers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or just getting started, Time for Tea is the perfect addition to your cookbook collection.

Come for Tea: Favorite Recipes for Scones, Savories and Sweets

Come for Tea: Favorite Recipes for Scones, Savories and Sweets (TeaTime)

Come for Tea is the ultimate guide for hosting stunning and delicious afternoon teas. 

With over 100 recipes for scones, savories, and sweets, you’ll have all the ingredients to create a memorable and elegant experience for your guests. From the beautiful table settings to the carefully selected teas to pair with each course, this cookbook has got you covered for five special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

But that’s not all; the “à la carte” section provides a variety of TeaTime magazine’s all-time favorite recipes to choose from, so you can create your own custom menu. 

The guide on how to steep tea makes sure that every cup of tea is just right, making this cookbook a must-have for both tea lovers and hosts. With its full-color pages and thoughtful approach to celebration, Come for Tea is sure to delight and inspire.

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