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  • Salmon is running... into the kitchen!

    Salmon is running… into the kitchen!

    Whether you’re lucky enough to lay your hands on salmon from the Copper River, or one of my new favorites, Chum from the Yukon River in Alaska, (more on this later from Jon Rowley), fresh, wild salmon is definitely in season. This begins a series of recipes for salmon I’ve created over the years and some stories about this remarkable food.

  • Copper River Salmon—the Truffle of the Sea

    Copper River Salmon—the Truffle of the Sea

    Named after the Alaskan river where it spawns, Copper River Salmon is arguably the most famous and sought after wild salmon you can buy. And the most glamorous. Here in the Northwest, the beginning of Copper River season (about May 15) holds the frenzied cult status of the first shipment of Beaujolais Nouveau, or the [...]