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  • Blackberry Margarita recipe

    Blackberry Margarita recipe

    Blackberry Margarita Blackberries are such a transient, delicate crop I think it’s wise to enjoy them every which way you can while they last. When I make straight up drinks like these, I think it’s not only important to use fresh fruits and herbs, as needed. I also want to enjoy top shelf liquor, like [...]

  • Chicken with Artichokes & Olives Recipe

    Chicken with Artichokes & Olives Recipe

    I made this recipe (adapted from Secrets From a Caterer’s Kitchen) for a potluck at a friend’s house. We do this every Sunday and ususally come up with some pretty terrific impromptu combinations.

  • Fattoush Salad Recipe

    Fattoush Salad Recipe

    I first tasted this fresh, complex salad on a visit to Istanbul (sorry for the location-dropping, but it’s true). I was with my friend Susan (a chef and restaurant owner). After two bites, we quit eating, locked eyes, and starting pulling the salad apart while the staff looked on in horror. We sat there, in that exotic cafe, on a bustling Turkish street, and analyzed our salad until we thought we could replicate it at home. It was that good!



    BEST-OF-THE-MARKET COOKING PARTY I really, really love parties. I love going to them and  (hey, it’s my job) I love giving them.  And I’m as lazy and overworked as you are. So this new age kind of collaborative cooking party has become my favorite way to entertain. I invite 6 to 10 friends over to [...]

  • Vegetarian Parties

    Vegetarian Parties

    According to Bon Appetit, vegetarian parties are the trend for 2010. And what a good fit for all of the things that light my lamp. Healthy. Sustainable (or at least, could be). No worries about how the animal or fish was treated. No need for special dishes for the vegetarians. And, usually, it costs lots [...]

  • Rosemary Martini Recipe

    Rosemary Martini Recipe

    I was inspired to write this post up by my newly-scheduled martini festivities in Florida next month.  The photographer who shot my cocktail book, Colleen Duffley, has opened a remarkable art gallery/salon/event space on the gulf coast of Florida called Studio b.  I’ve been invited to sign books and create a special “pink martini” for [...]

  • Chocolate and Wine Together: Who Knew?

    Chocolate and Wine Together: Who Knew?

    Because many chocolates and wines are delicious when enjoyed together, and if ever there was a time when chocolate is on everyone’s mind, it’s February, this post looks at the synergy of flavors that can be achieved when these two “healthy” treats are served together wisely.

  • Pomegranate Cosmos for a Crowd

    Pomegranate Cosmos for a Crowd

    Cosmos remain hugely popular and pomegranate juice is just plain delicious. Here these two favorites are combined in a variation on the traditional Cosmopolitan with directions that make it simple to serve at a party. By freezing the pomegranate juice into hot-pink ice cubes, you keep this cocktail cool on the buffet without diluting its potency. The colored cubes also create a pretty “sunset” pattern as they melt.

  • Organic, Free Ranging Holiday Cocktails

    Organic, Free Ranging Holiday Cocktails

    When I think about New Year’s eve a couple of things pop into my mind, probably the same ones that occur to you: Champagne (a literal pop), caviar with blini, funny hats, confetti, friends/lovers and a great, sensual cocktail.  I can’t deliver caviar or champagne or the love of your life to to your doorstep, [...]

  • Celebrate Winter with a Soup Exchange

    Celebrate Winter with a Soup Exchange

    Here is my Christmas present for all of you holiday-harried, over-hooplah’d, package wrappers. This strategy for hosting a no-fuss party and creating a score of meals at the same time comes from my radio co-host, Jamie Peha (TableTalk).

    When the weather turns cold and winter has taken over the neighborhood, a steaming bowl of homemade soup really hits the spot. It’s the perfect solution for those evenings when you just don’t feel like cooking, but still crave something hot and delicious.