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What’s a Foodie To Do? September ’09

September 9th, 2009  |  Published in Green Living


I asked my editorial assistant Shannon Learmonth to create a comprehensive list of the foodie events taking place in Seattle this month. It was my intention to try to attend as many of them as possible and blog them up for you. But when she sent me the first draft of her list (the one below), I said, “hold on, sister. This is about all I can manage right here.”

It occurred to me that you all might enjoy the fruits of Shannon’s nimble keyboard work, as well.  Maybe we can arrange to have a meetup at one or two of these cool sounding and very local events. Let me know.



And of course, Shannon wanted me to mention that this is by no means a complete list.  If you would like to add something, please send us a comment. We will be doing this monthly, so if you’d like to submit a write up on an upcoming event— as far afield as the Skagit valley, Carnation, Bellingham, or Tacoma—please do and we will include them.

Later this week we’re going to post the results of Shannon’s survey of the status of the local farmer’s markets; who’s in full bloom, who’s winding down, and who’s having special events.

Saturday, September 12brussel sprouts

Friday, September 18

Saturday, September 19

Friday, September 25

Saturday, September 26

Sunday, September 27

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