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  • Sun Dried tomato and Pesto Torta (for Julia) Nov 29, 2012 | No Comments

    Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto Torta  This is a real buffet centerpiece.  Brilliant layers of red, white and green alternate to create a beautiful and impressive hors d’oeuvre.  I sold it, to great acclaim, through Neiman-Marcus and many of California’s gourmet markets.  It is best made at least 24 hours ahead of time and freezes perfectly.  [...]

  • Roasting Vegetables + Meat Roasting Tips! Jul 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

    MEAT ROASTING TIPS  Look for at least 1/4″ of fat on all meats to be roasted. Always bring the meat to room temperature before putting it into the oven. The perfect roasting pan is made of heavy metal with sides that are shallower than the height of the roast. To keep all the tasty juices [...]

  • Tips for Proper Care of Kitchen Tools Jul 24, 2012 | No Comments

    There are indispensable kitchen tools a cook can’t function without. Keeping them functioning properly when you’re slicing and dicing and prepping for dinner has a lot to do with how they’re cared for. Just like changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, regular maintenance of your kitchen tools also ensures they work smoothly. It’s not hard to do. I’ll share some of my tips for cleaning and maintaining some of my prized kitchen tools to make it easy as 1-2-3.

  • Practical Cooking Tips; Red Wine and Fortified Wines Jul 18, 2012 | No Comments

    If you’re like me, you love to sip a robust red wine or a crisp pinot grigio, and adore a crystal glass brimming with an oaky Chardonnay or a smooth Cabernet. But did you realize you can also cook with wine and use its complex flavors to enhance any number of dishes? Read on, and [...]

  • Cooking with White Wine: Fisherman’s Catch Pasta Jul 13, 2012 | No Comments

    This simple pasta dish is reminiscent of great seafood dishes I’ve enjoyed at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. There is lots of wonderful, wine-infused broth, so serve the Fisherman’s Catch in a soup bowl or pasta plate. Enjoy this with Zeal Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

  • Cooking with White Wine: Cantaloupe Curry Soup Jul 7, 2012 | No Comments

    Here is another unusual recipe based on the principles from my “Cooking with White Wine” post from June 28, 2012.      

Finalist in IACP Julia Child Essay Contest !

I am thrilled to say that it was just announced that I am a finalist in the IACP Julia Child essay contest. This is such an honor— to be chosen by my peers. And such a pleasure—to have had the chance to tell one of my favorite stories about the ever-generous Julia.


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Aloni Culinary Studio—Ta Da !!!

After years of thriving as a one stop solution for the creation of food and entertaining projects for retail giants, I have launched the Aloni Culinary Studio to provide the same full service resource to other lucky retailers. As a team ACS provides seamless management of all elements of a project from recipe and product [...]

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